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My Dream

Jan 13, 2024

The sun beats down on the bright white sand

Instructor is yelling “More leg to hand”

I trot round in circles, my eyes to the ground

My ears overwhelmed by the bossy loud sound

I feel the frustration, something’s not right

My rider seeks connection but her body feels tight

I push with my hind legs, I brace my sides

Trying to avoid the pressure as she rides

We fly along fast, the instructor seems pleased

For a moment I am patted and the pressure is eased.

My joints are aching and my back feels sore

I have a quick rest, then they ask for more.


Next day, she comes to see me and something feels new

She touches me gently with a softness I can feel

I have felt it inside her but she never let it out.

It was always repressed by Instructor’s bossy shout.

My muscles that were aching begin to feel OK

Beneath her gentle touch the tension falls away

My rider is beautiful, today she is real

She’s putting her true self into her feel

We walk for a while and she is present with me

I’ve been waiting to meet her, and today she can see!

I feel her calmness radiate, like soft winter sun

We walk step in step and at last we are one.

Her gentle touch guides me, I cannot explain

But the tension’s releasing, I’m no longer in pain!


Together we move, at first in a trance

I feel elegant and proud and my body can dance

She sits on my back, but it’s different from before

Instead of feeling blocked, I want to move more

The arena is hushed, there’s no pressure on my sides

Her body is connected and fluid as she rides

I soften and relax as I realise I’m free

The pressure has gone, and it’s just her and me.

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