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Why walk?


For some of you visiting this site, you may be surprised by the idea of using walk as a way of improving your horse’s way of going. For many people, walk is considered rest time with the active schooling work taking place in trot or canter. Some instructors even caution against spending too much time walking, incorrectly believing it could damage the gait in some way.

In our experience, the opposite is true, connected walk can have profound and lasting benefits for your horse. The reason that walk has such amazing potential is because it’s at this gait, when horse and human are deeply connected, that the human is most able to manoeuvre the horse’s body and suggest better postures. The aim is always to guide the horse towards a way of moving that feels good to them so that over time, the horse will choose to move with better posture for themselves. By deliberately working slowly the horse learns not to rely on forward momentum for balance and instead learns to hold themselves correctly, with poise and self carriage.

Walk can benefit all horses and helps them move with improved posture, straightness and freedom of movement in all gaits. In addition, for horses who have conditions that relate to postural problems, these can start to show dramatic improvements. 

We've seen remarkable changes – horses with sway backs magically improving and never returning to their previous state, horses choosing to stand square, cow hocks straightening with just 10 days of the work, and a horse with an upside down ewe neck developing a gently arched one.

Case study: Seven days of walk with Kevin


The videos below shows Kevin, a thoroughbred horse who was trained in connected and targeted walk work over a seven day period.

The first video was filmed at the start of the period and you can see he is on the forehand with a dropped thoracic sling, has restricted shoulder movement, a crooked body and is braced in the jaw and neck. 

The second video shows Kevin at the end of his seven days of walk work. He is now moving much more happily and with softness and fluidity.  His thoracic sling has lifted, he has come off the forehand, his shoulders are moving freely and his whole body has straightened out. Overall he has a much greater range of movement as energy is now able to move through his body unimpeded.

To read about other horses that have shown dramatic improvement with walk work you may wish to visit the case studies page on this site.


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