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Our live course is now underway and is currently closed to new students. Dates for our next course will be released at the start of April 2024.

The Course

 The Power of Walk course is our signature online course that runs over a 6 week period. It will teach you everything you need to know in order to use targeted and connected walk work to make profound changes to your horse's way of going. During each of the 6 weeks a new module becomes available that deals with a different topic essential to developing the connection, knowledge and technical skills needed for this work.

Course Modules

  • Synchronisation on a long rein
  • Connection and communication
  • In-hand skills
  • Introducing slow lateral work in-hand
  • Straightening
  • Developing ridden straightness and alignment (can also be done in-hand)

Live sessions and support

The course is supported by seven, hour-long live sessions where Diana goes deeper into the theory, shows more video examples and is able to answer any questions from students. Recordings of these are uploaded to the course space so that they can be watched later if people are unable to attend in person.

Students also have access to a private Facebook page where they are able to post photos and videos of their progress to get feedback, advice and support during the course.


The course does not have a specific end result in terms of your horse as every horse is so different, but may include improvements to the following:

  • Straightness and posture
  • Responsiveness to aids
  • Desire to move forward
  • Connection
  • Collection
  • Impulsion 
  • Fluidity of movement
  • Smoothness and expression of gaits
  • Length of stride
  • Cadence and suspension
  • Softness of contact
  • General demeanor and attitude to work

In addition you will come away with the skills and understanding to know exactly what will benefit your horse and how best you can continue working with your horse to support his or her body.


"I would never have thought a walking program would make such a difference! My horse has developed a beautiful free walk. My horse is enjoying his work now. I can see it in his expression! He is starting to round up now and look so beautiful and proud."


"I am already seeing a great improvement in our partnership, and in my pony's way of going. He has a much better attitude and is less easily distracted. His walk has improved greatly and seems to be more forward going despite the slower tempo."


"The content in both is just what I was looking for which was clear information and guidance on how to bring my older mare back into work in a way that respected her mind and body and fostered my relationship with her in the process."

Please note that in order to develop the connection required for this work, part of the course will require you to become mindful of your own mind and body. Another thing to mention is that while profound change is possible through the course, if your horse has serious health issues or is in chronic pain, the course will be unable to resolve these issues. Our FAQ section below has more information that may help you work out if the course is right for you and your horse.


Take a look at our frequently asked questions to find out more about the course. If something is not clear or the question you are looking for has not been answered please get in touch.

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