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Why I love in-hand: connection not perfection

Dec 08, 2023

In-hand has many deep benefits, but I want to talk about a problem. So many people I talk to say they have tried in-hand, but just don’t enjoy it. They see at as something they “should” do. If you see it as something you “should” do, the likelihood is your horse will not enjoy it either.I love in-hand work. It is magical to me. The magic is in the smoothness, the deep feeling of oneness with the horse, the synchronisation and feeling as if you dance with your horse. You know when you look at a beautiful horse at play and get a deep feeling of emotion and awe at their beauty? When I work my horses in-hand, that feeling of beauty comes right into my body. I experience an intense feeling of calm and joy at the same time. Almost as if I am a horse myself!I think it is really important not to be too mechanical when working in-hand. I am self taught and learned mostly by experiment.Right from the beginning of  the learning process, I was completely immersed in my connection with the horse. Connection not perfection.My advice would be to take it slow, very slow, to allow you and the horse time to feel and experience everything. Focus on noticing. Noticing what happens for you and what happens for the horse. Notice what feels nice and do more of it. A little feeling of dance when you fall into synchronised step with your horse. An awareness of how fluid and graceful your own body feels when you walk with the balance and poise you are visualising for your horse.Train for enjoyment. That is your goal.

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